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Shallow Void Repair - TRAFFIC FAST™

  • Applying Traffic Fast to loading dock at Raritan Center.
Mix, pour and trowel lightly to desired finish.
  • Traffic Fast repair is forklift ready in less than one hour.
  • Traffic-Fast, 5 gallon pail
64.00 LBS
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See HOW TO APPLY TRAFFIC-FAST™  in the short video below.

Concrete floor repair for shallow voids & cracks.  Repair concrete floors quickly without tedious prepwork!

  • Minimizes prep time and labor - no priming or key cutting necessary
  • Fast set, self leveling
  • Just mix, pour & lightly trowel
  • Ideal for repairs less than 3" deep

This select formulation gives binding qualities not found in ordinary concrete repair mortars. Contains an advanced formulation high-bond liquid polymer - repairs stand up to industrial-grade use.

Just mix, pour and finish. Simple and easy to use. Repairs wide area damage and hairline cracks. Slashes wear and tear on vehicles. Saves time and labor by eliminating the need for key-cutting both cracks and potholes. Liquid polymer additive increases impact resistance - making repairs last longer.

Typical Uses:

Ideal for use on loading docks, shipping/receiving platforms, bridge decks, warehouse and plant traffic lanes - any area that can't be shut down for an extended time. Traffic-Fast™ cement repair cures to 10,000 psi (more than triple the strength of concrete).

For optimum repair results, start with the Clean & Prep™ Kit.

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How To Apply:



20 sq. ft. At 1/4" per kit
Cure Schedule :
@ 70F: initial set: 20-30 minutes. Final set: feather-edged, 2 hrs; potholes, 3-4 hrs.
Premeasured components in a 5 gallon pail for easy application
Application Method:
Pourable, self-leveling
Product Data:
Specified & Used By:
Partial list of Garon customers: General Mills | U S Postal Service | Caesars Palace |Calvary Industries Inc | Bruckner Supply Company Inc | FCI Edgefield | Carlisle Foods Inc | Mazzella Lifting Technologies | King Electrical Mfg Company
Customer Quotes::
“Traffic Fast™ was used for repairing the floor in our cannery. We are pleased with the service provided by your company.” ~ Tom Boldin, SCI
“Used Traffic Fast™ to patch small holes about 4” in diameter, in our floor which will eliminate our wheel carts from tipping over.” ~ Darrell Newberg, Paragon Forms Inc
“Traffic Fast™ has helped me a great deal. It has restored the damage and holes in my warehouse floors; and it has also reduced wear to the forklift tires.” ~ Larry Wall, Genco/Revlon
“We cut a trench in the concrete floor to run a 3" conduit. We used the Traffic-Fast™ to fill in the trench. This area is high traffic for forklifts.” ~Duane Smith, Martin Sprocket & Gear
“Traffic Fast™ Patched cement floors around machinery. Product works good. Easy to use.” ~ Jan Stephenson, Crown Cork & Seal
Repaired bad area with Traffic Fast™ in floor 15' long and 10" wide, approx depth varied from 1/4" to 1" deep." ~ Phill Elliott, Precision Steel Mfg. Corp
"I have a self service car wash with winter affects causing cracks and holes, I am able to fill them in the morning then put traffic back on them that evening to wash cars- great!" ~ Randy Winsett, Portastall
"We used it to fill a lot of voids where large pieces of metal had been dropped. Our forklifts can now travel through that area without loosing their load." ~ Dana Long, Consolidated Metco
"This fixed a pot hole in our factory floor that was is a high traffic area for pallet jacks carrying 1,000's of pounds. It did the trick!" ~ Randy Atterbury, Unicore Federal Prison