When it comes to sealing concrete floors to protect from water seepage, the best way to stop water and to prevent bacteria growth is to apply a cove at the floor/wall joint. Food Manufacturer’s must arm themselves with this approach if they want to keep their food production floor clean and bacteria-free.

Food manufacturing facilities are held to strict compliance to food safety standards for clean flooring set forth by the FDA and in wet environments by OSHA.

Brand Aromatics took a proactive approach to sealing concrete floors in their production rooms with a cementitious urethane floor resurfacer and cove. They created a “bathtub” effect to seal the floor so that during daily hot wash-downs water does not penetrate the floor/wall joint. The seamless floor coating helps prevent bacteria from hiding and growing as it doesn’t have a seam to latch on to.

See the products used for this food manufacturing production room floor/wall joint.

The Problem:
Old facility floor had to be entirely gutted then prepped.
The Complexity:
Had to account for many floor drains and make sure that there was a proper pitch for slope to drain.
The Solution:
Application of cover mortar to seal the floor/wall joint in the continuously wet processing room.
The Result:
A seamless, leak-proof floor resurfacer and cove that is anti-slip and easy to clean.