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Do-It-Yourself Garage Floor Coating Application

PROJECT NOTES: See the list of products used on this garage floor coating job.

What’s happening in this video… Homeowners apply a garage floor coating themselves thereby saving money on a costly installation fee. First the uncoated garage floor was swept and cleaned of debris followed by a floor cleaner. After letting the floor dry, application was ready to begin…just combine the clearly labled components, mix the coating, pour, and roll…

Frequently asked questions about coating a garage floor…

A Fresh New Look for a Homeowner’s Garage Floor

For the home owners, a fresh new look for this uncoated concrete garage floor was the goal for many reasons. They wanted to make the garage a more livable space by sealing the concrete floor for enhanced clean-ability.

Coating the garage floor with an epoxy floor coating provides a protective coating from exposure to car and pedestrian activity, all of which tracks dirt, concrete dust (hazardous to the home and occupants), oils, toxins, ice melt and other contaminants into the home.

A Cracked and Dirty Concrete Garage Floor

This exposed, uncoated concrete garage floor trapped dirt and oil spillage from the homeowners car on the concrete which was continually tracked into the home causing unsightly carpet stains and leftover grit on tile floor areas. The garage floor just couldn’t get clean despite repeated wash down attempts.

Choosing the Right Floor Coating

In this busy household, determining the logistics for the garage flooring job in setting up a mixing station location and making sure all garage items currently on the floor were neatly stored away were the most pressing concerns along with choosing the right coating paint.

With the manufacturer’s guidance, an easy to apply epoxy floor coating was selected.

Because this selected epoxy coating is odor free, the home’s kitchen adjacent to the garage was selected as the mix area. Cardboard was laid on the floor to catch any spillage from the mixing process.

The homeowners chose to save money by applying the coating themselves instead of hiring an expensive flooring installer. Garage floors are very easy to coat yourself.

Most people think that a professional floor coating installer is needed for garage floor painting, but with this selected epoxy floor coating with included step-by-step application instructions, any hesitation is eased.

An industrial grade, thick build 100% solids epoxy floor coating was chosen for its tenacious long lasting bond and was excellent in filling in shallow cracks and divots which saved on time and complicated concrete repairs before coating. This garage floor sealer is also self-priming so the prime step is completely eliminated.

Most “off the shelf” garage floor paint found in hardware stores is extremely thin and short lasting. But only one coat of this self priming concrete coating is equal to more than 4 coats of what one would otherwise buy on the retail shelf.

The garage floor was back in service within 48 hrs. This epoxy floor coating can also be decorative by adding a broadcast of colored aggregate or vinyl flakes.

A Bright, Glossy, and Clean Floor

This Do-it-yourself coating application enabled better lighting in the garage due to the lighting reflecting off the coating.

This epoxy coating saved the homeowner approximately 2.5 times the cost of a multiple step coating system. A healthier and cleaner home interior began with using the right concrete floor coating material resulting in a longer lasting, cleaner and perfectly coated garage floor.


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