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Boat Ramp Patch & Repair with Anti-Slip Coatings

Read More Here About The Products Used In This Floor Coating Video:

What’s happening in this video… The owner of this badly damaged concrete boat ramp needed to repair his ramp before it completely fell apart.

Exposed aggregate and deteriorated ramp areas were repaired with a hydraulic plugging cement followed by an anti slip coating application.

The consistent submersion of the bare concrete ramp during high tide was causing further deterioration to the concrete as well as creating a majorly slick surface causing slips and falls during boat launch.  An anti-slip flooring solution was urgent for this homeowner to create an anti slip surface.

“I can’t thank you enough for taking the time and the attention to detail with the anti-slip coatings installation on Saturday. The ramp feels and looks nothing less than awesome. I am so glad that Garon was there during the job. I’ll reach out to you later in the summer to say hello. All the best to you”. ~ Adam Silver, Owner

Working near a waterway and in the water required the installation crew to make sure there was zero disruption to the environment during its mobilization.

Precautions were taken early on with a pre- installation meeting to ensure there would be no impact to the environment (waterways) surrounding the concrete boat ramp during the slip resistant coatings application.

Challenges With The No Skid Surface Coating Project

The rising and falling tides in addition to passing boats traffic caused waves to lap up onto the ramp giving the crew a different set of challenges than normally found in a slip resistant flooring installation.

Berms were set up to stem the rising tide and waves from interfering with the reconstruction and coating of the concrete ramp.

Slippery Floor Solution

The use of quick set hydraulic plugging cement was used to patch concrete ramp areas vulnerable to water exposure and a urethane cement was used to repair the top of the ramp surface.

An epoxy, non slip coating with specialized aluminum oxide aggregate [Stop Slip™ HDV] was then applied to help eliminate a slipping and falling accident.

This industrial anti-slip epoxy floor coating is specially formulated as a slippery floor solution for all types of environments – from loading docks, boat ramps, boat decks and forklift ramps…and more.

Non-Slip Floor Treatment Results

The repair and final non skid sealing of the concrete boat ramp took 10 hours and was back in use the following day.  The non skid coating will protect the ramp from water exposure and provide sure footing during boat launch.

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