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The Results Our Customers Get With Garon

Our Concrete Repair Products and Floor Coatings Have Been Used in Nearly Every Industry! 

In the examples below, you'll see that we pay a lot of attention to the finished jobs our customers achieve with our products.


"Your floor specialist was friendly, professional, and we got all the info we needed fast. Thanks!"
~Scotty, Palm Springs Unified School District

"Your floor specialist was very knowledgeable with regard to your products and applications."
~NFM International

"Service was great. Looking forward to continue buying more products from Garon."
~Brenda, Hyatt Regency

"We had a problem with the threshold under the freezer doors. The tile would not stick to the floor due to the cold temperature. Arctic Freezite™ was able to solve our problem without taking the freezer off line. Thanks!"
~Randy Lugenbell, FCI Yaz

"We are using your product [Hy-Speed™ 500] and love it. My guys like the ease of using it (mixing etc.). We have filled many cracks and divets in the warehouse floor. It dries so quickly that the next day the forklifts are running back and forth over it with no problem. This is our second purchase and I am sure there will be more. Thanks."
~ June M. Shipley, Intralin Corp.

"Treflite™ repaired holes and cracks in our floor that were trip hazards. It holds up good with fork truck traffic. Treflite™ is easy to order, easy to use and is shipped in a timely manner.
~ Doug Johnson, Proos Manufacturing

"Fast Cure™ really made a lot of difference in the way the plant is coming out to be. The area covered was more than 2500 SF. Yesterday, the USDA people did a walk through and were impressed with the overall plant. I think the very clean image of the flooring added a lot to that impression, after looking at the general layout."
~ Manny Miciano, Espi's Sausage and Tocino Co

"We use your Treflite™ and Oil Prime™ products here at PPC to patch holes in our epoxy floors. We chisel out an area that’s bubbling and use an oil absorbent on there to prep the area then we use your oil prime coat and then we go over it all with the Treflite epoxy coat. We are able to save thousands each year by doing the patch work in house and keeping a safe grip floor in our oily conditions. Outside customers are impressed on how well the machining area looks because of how fast we can fix imperfections in our floor using your material."
~ Ronnie Bouchard, PPC

"This product was easy to use and with all of the traffic on our manufacturing brewery floor it is holding up very well."
~ Freddy Mendoza, Stone Brewing Co.

"We used Garon Guard to seal our production area floor. It sealed up all the eroded grout lines and the grit has made the work area much safer when the floor is wet."
~ Noah Merenfeld, 3V Co. 

“We have installed your product in high traffic areas around drains and entry ways. Your product has stayed attached to the floor and has not chipped away”.
~ Todd Simonson, Mariah Foods

“We use Garonite™ for post and glass anchoring. Excellent service.”
~ Michael Berwick , Harmon Inc

Tigerfill™ repaired several buildings' concrete floors.”
~ Debra Oehmann, Department of Commerce  

 “Works excellent for the needs we have. Your service has been excellent.”
~ Sam Paez , Fesco Ltd        

“We moved to a new building and the addition the prior owners made had a 2" gap in the concrete floor. Joint Guard™ filled the void very well.”
~ Michael Felthauser, Millard Lumber Inc

We moved to a new building and there were some broken concrete floor areas so we cleaned them out and used HY-Speed 500™ to fill the damaged areas and it worked great!”
~ Michael Felthauser, Millard Lumber Inc      

“I sealed up three large cracks with Garon Plug™ in my basement wall, where rain water ran in every time it rained. I don't have to rent a rug doctor machine anymore because there aren’t ANY water leaks. I'm very happy.”
~ Richard Thompson