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Concrete Floor Crack Repair Before Floor Coating Application

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Frequently asked questions about fixing cracks in concrete floors…

Floors with cracks are unattractive. This is the first thing that occurs to a facility manager.

To eliminate them from the flooring surface will produce an aesthetic improvement but there are many factors to be investigated. A contractor familiar with concrete problems should be able to identify the type of damage to the floor.

The next step is to perform any tests that will establish the root cause of the floor damage. Questions should be asked of the building owner regarding the present and future use of the area so that repair materials suitable to all the conditions revealed can be evaluated.

Aside from aesthetics, cracked flooring surfaces can harbor bacteria and pathogens that pose a health problem. Cracks can be a cause of trip and fall accidents and allow the passage of water to floors below in the case of multi story buildings.

Cracks and associated spalls do not improve with age, they get worse with the passage of time. When neglected, the cracks and spalls can cause disruption to fork lift traffic and pose a safety hazard when loads shift and fall from pallets.

Floor cracks are found practically everywhere. Retail concrete basement floors, commercial concrete garage floors, industrial plant floors…concrete floor crack repair is mostly performed with one or more epoxy repair mortar products.

These concrete repair epoxy formulations are generally applied by a contractor familiar with concrete repair and floor coatings.  Do-It-Yourself product options are also available for repairing small cracks.  Make sure to consult with the product manufacturer.

Additionally, the contractors are accustomed to performing the concrete work necessary to clean the joints and widen the cracks with a router when necessary to prepare the joints for application of the suitable crack and joint repair compound.

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