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Floor Coating Secrets Revealed — On The Job

Aircraft Hangar Floors

Aircraft hangars have the same concrete flooring as most other facilities, but the way to go about coating that floor will differ from other concrete floor surfaces. Primers do two things: They initiate bonding to the surface of the substrate more

Anti-Slip Coating Applications

This industrial concrete floor coatings system includes a prime coat of epoxy [Tigerskin™] at 3 mils applied with a 3/8″ hair nap roller, then a coat of epoxy [Tigerbond™ 221 Ultra] at 16 mils with a flat squeegee and 1/4″ hair nap roller. more

Coatings for Concrete Floors

The addition included a brand new concrete slab which was level with very few imperfections. This concrete floor provided them the benefit of choosing a cost effective concrete floor paint solution that wouldn’t deplete their overall budget. more

Concrete Floor Repair

The concrete floor needs to be level in order to apply the floor coating. It is crucial to examine the entire floor area to be coated for floor defects, divets, holes and trenches before applying floor coatings or a concrete sealer. more

Epoxy Flooring

The industrial floor coating system consisted of two coats. The first application was a high-build, self penetrating water-clear primer [Garon Guard™] applied at 12 mils thick. The top coat used was a high gloss urethane coating [Hi-Gloss™] with the addition of glass beads for traction enhancement. more

Floor Surface Coatings

Semi gloss urethane cement systems have much reduced amount of microporing so bacteria can’t hide. The food industry has begun to specify semi gloss urethane cement flooring systems because of its greatly improved properties. more

Food Plants

Using the urethane cement floor coating system is probably the first choice for food manufacturing floors principally since most food plant operations use a hot and cold cleaning process. Whether there is a blast freezer, whether cleaning the floors with hot water at any point, whether there is an oven line more

Industrial Floors

Epoxy industrial floor coatings are found practically everywhere. This is the product of choice for most concrete surface protective coatings used today. An epoxy industrial floor is selected because of superior chemical and abrasion resistance. more

Freezer Floors and Walk-In Coolers

In freezing conditions, there have been installations in temperatures ranging from 31 degrees to 36 degrees where the contractor has taken all steps to bring the slab in spec. range through torching and they work extremely fast to get the work done. more