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Major Floor Repair for Severely Damaged Floor in Blast Freezer


What’s happening in this video… The unprotected concrete floor damage in the blast freezer consisted of cracks and exposed aggregate which was the direct result of thermal shock caused by radical temperature fluctuations during normal operations.

This concrete floor repair consisted of repairing the exposed aggregate floor area with a urethane resurfacer.

The freezer is run 24 hours a day at -30°F and is raised to +35°F daily for defrosting. Standing water on the floor from thawing ice build-up during the defrosting process in combination with weekly exposure to temperature ranges between 65-70°F for weekly wash-downs, contributed to the erosion process.

“The blast freezer flooring is the hardest problem to conquer; no one has an answer for it in the bakery business – stainless steel warps. But the freezer is holding up well with the new urethane mortar.” – Anthony P., Owner

There are many coatings for concrete that are selected to preserve the existing concrete slab and to protect it from the environmental and service conditions that exist in a given location.

To select the product best suited to the requirements, let’s take a look at three general categories or classifications of sealers and coating materials from which to choose when specifying a product.

The first category consists of concrete sealers that are normally applied in the range of 0-3 mils dry film thickness. These coatings are usually not readily seen on the surface of the concrete and are designed to penetrate the surface for protection.

The surface of the concrete will appear much the same after application as before the coating was applied. Surface imperfections will be quite visible.

These coatings are often applied as clear coats but may be applied as pigmented coatings to help cover up a flooring surface with stains and blemishes.

The second category of coatings is referred to as thin film coatings. These products range from 4-10 mils thick dry film thickness.

They are designed to provide hiding power where applied. It is to be expected that these coatings will allow the surface preparation pattern produced by surface preparation equipment to show through.

High build coatings, self leveling slurries and trowel down flooring repair products coatings fall into the range of 10 mil-1/4 inch and greater.

This range of coatings allows the selection of many different types of concrete slab preparation that is dictated largely by the condition of the slab.

Imperfections in the concrete slab can be leveled out and filled in with the overlay material or other suitable concrete mortar compounds selected by a skilled contractor.

These products are capable of smoothing the surface for an appealing visual after application. The owner has a color selection with these materials.

These categories offer the facility manager and building owner a starting point understanding of sealers and coatings that are available to choose from.

Other repair problems that are outside the sealer and coating selection such as sagging floors or repairing subfloors should be discussed with the floor coating contractor who can offer professional advice.

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