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Urethane Mortar Floor Coating for Plywood Floor in Kitchen

Read More Here About The Products Used In This Floor Coating Video:

What’s happening in this video… This restaurant was undergoing a full renovation to their existing kitchen, walk-in coolers and walk-in freezer. The floors had been deteriorating over the years and they could no longer ignore the problems.

This is an installation of new commercial kitchen flooring to replace old quarry tile.

Existing Kitchen Floor

In the kitchen there were leaking problems that needed to be fixed in the above- grade subfloor that had popping quarry tile embedded with grease and the plywood floors underneath the tile were being eaten away from the daily abuse of hot water and grease/oil penetrating through the tile grout lines.

New Floor Coating Installed Without Shutting Down

This restaurant faced every conceivable flooring challenge. The challenge was to undertake an addition and renovation while staying in operation without completely shutting down the kitchen.

A seamless flooring solution that would support the daily harsh environment of cooking by-products falling on the floor from deep fat fryers and comercial ovens as well as the daily hot power washing at water temperatures up to 300°F .

All too often, commercial flooring options unfortunately lead to a commercial epoxy flooring recommendation as a suitable solution for hot restaurant kitchen floors.

But, nowadays, there is a better solution available – that beats tile flooring, laminate, hardwood flooring and even epoxy floor coatings. Restaurant kitchen flooring doesn’t have to fail. It can be protected, look great and last for years in the harshest environments.

Urethane Mortar Flooring System Recommendation

Garon’s onsite analysis of thermal cycles during normal operation and cleaning activities, and repeated exposure to daily hot steam power washing resulted in a recommendation of a 3/8″ thick seamless urethane mortar system [Mortarthane™ HF] as opposed to a restaurant epoxy flooring system.

The restaurant had to replace the existing rotted engineered wood flooring – plywood subflooring, with new 2″ thick outdoor marine-grade multiple layer plywood in order to make sure the floor was solid enough to receive the urethane mortar and prevent any movement.

The application of a urethane mortar top coat [Mortarthane™ TC] provided additional traction enhancement for slip resistant flooring, wearablity and overall aesthetics.

Bacteria-Free Surface With Improved Slip Resistance

A 6″ cove was placed around the perimeter with a urethane cove mortar [Mortarthane™ Cove Mortar]. This process is called “bathtubbing” which creates an impervious and bacteria free surface as well as protection from daily hot wash downs that could potentially penetrate through the sub floor.

The urethane mortar flooring system provided a seamless finish to the new floor that created a bacteria free environment that is easy to clean; withstands hot wash downs, and improved the slip resistance to comply with OSHA standards while the overall aesthetics improved the morale of the employees.

Restaurant flooring options are not just limited to urethane mortar coatings. It all depends on the application area. In this case, an epoxy floor coating would not have been suitable as an option for this restaurant kitchen floor.

Epoxy flooring is better suited for dining areas and any areas away from high heat or thermal shock exposure to the floor.

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