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Walk-In Freezer Floor Gets Thermal Shock Resistant Coating

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What’s happening in this video… 
No job is too small. Even the smallest of walk-in freezer floors can amount to the BIGGEST of headaches for owners if materials are not specified properly.

A walk-in freezer receives a hot/cold temperature resistant thermal shock proof floor after the owners, surviving several flooring failures using epoxy coatings, stepped it up to with a more permanent solution.

The facility owners specified and then applied a urethane cement ¼” trowel applied flooring system [Garon’s Mortarthane™ HF] also including a urethane cement based topcoat, [Mortarthane™ TC] and a urethane cement based coving mortar [Mortarthane™ Cove Mortar].

The end result is the trifecta of flooring when in a hot or cold environment that has the possibility of rapid temperature changes. With this flooring system, you have a system that virtually “bathtubs” the entire freezer floor and “breathes” with any temperature change, hot or cold.

The urethane cement flooring system stopped the leaking of water into the basement below but more importantly it it provides superior longevity and keeps its tenacious bond when exposed to hot or cold elements and does not pop off like epoxy coatings and resurfacers in extreme temperature change environments.

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