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Stair Renovation Safety Treads - GARON TRED™

  • Easily install Garon Treds™ with supplied screws.
  • Garon Treds™ give you hard wearing high traction and safe footing (even on a puddle of oil).  Shown with yellow view line.
  • We custom fit your treads for a perfect fit.
  • Image 4
  • Image 5
  • Image 6
  • Damaged stair-- repair with Nu-Stair before Garon Tred™ application. Garon customer: Flagg Creek Water Reclamation.
  • Concrete Stair nosing--applying Garon Tred™ for sure footing. Garon customer: Flagg Creek Water Reclamation.
  • After: Garon Tred™ installation complete. Garon customer: Flagg Creek Water Reclamation.
  • Sample size shown.  3-1/4" W x 9" L
  • Garon Tred™ shown in Blue with Yellow View-Line™
  • Image 12
  • Garon Tred™ shown in Black with Yellow View-Line™
  • Garon Tred™ shown in Gray with Standard View-Line™
  • Close up of Garon Tred™ depth
16.00 LBS
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Garon Treds™ give you hard wearing high traction and safe footing (even on a puddle of oil).

Hard wearing aluminum oxide abrasive grit provides long lasting traction.

Garon Treds™ help you create worry-free, anti-slip stair surfaces anywhere!

  • Versatile design installs easily on concrete, metal or wood stairs
  • Withstands high impact - long life durability
  • Modernizes, restores stairs at a fraction of the replacement cost
  • High visibility and sure-foot traction help prevent slip & fall accidents

Garon Treds™ are the practical and easy way to make stairs safe and new again...WITHOUT expensive tearing out or rebuilding...WITHOUT disrupting stair traffic...WITH the longest lasting protection available EVEN UNDER THE HARSHEST CONDITIONS.

Worn, dangerous stairs are a common reason for slipping and falling, resulting in numerous injuries and fatalities.  Garon Treds meet the highest safety inspections and US Government specifications.

These stair treads are made from heat treated extruded aluminum alloy, engineered to outwear ordinary treads by years.  Manufactured with an abrasive grit which is second in hardness only to diamonds.  The ultimate anti-slip stair protection for pedestrians.

Ideal to modernize and restore all types of stairs - concrete, metal, and wood.  Protect your investment with Garon Treds™.

Need to see one up close? Call for a Garon Tred - FREE SAMPLE today!

Typical Uses:

  • restaurants
  • theme parks
  • transit platforms
  • industrial plants
  • theatres
  • hospitals
  • schools
  • office buildings
  • marinas
  • catwalks
  • stadiums
  • municipal buildings
  • state parks
  • boats
  • behind cafeteria counters
  • ramps around machinery
  • door sills
  • anywhere old, slippery stairs are a problem indoors or out.
Use Nu-Stair™ fast-set stair resurfacing compound to level and repair concrete stairs before installing Garon Treds™.
Choosing the Right Garon Tred

1. Select Depth & Width: 
A standard stairway will require a 9" tread on each step and an 11" tread at the top of each run and each intermediate landing.  Call for large platform areas. 

Determine width of steps to be covered.  Deduct 6" to provide a 3" margin at each end.

2. Select Nosing: 
Specify View-Line or Standard nosing when ordering.  View-Line nosing available with black and color stair treads.

3. Precut sizes:
Available to order online in Black with yellow View-Line nosing below.  Custom sizes available in black and colored treads.

4. Colors and Custom Sizes:
We custom cut for a perfect fit! Call for custom sized pricing: 800-631-5380 or if you prefer, fill in this Custom Sized Garon Tred Free Estimate Form.


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Product Info:
Garon Treds are packaged in 3 sizes: 1 Garon Tred per pack, 3 Garon Treds per pack, and 4 Garon Treds per pack
Application Method:
Screws supplied. Drill screws into predrilled holes.