Step/Riser Concrete Repair Mortar

Fast Set, Adhesive Bond

Weight per unit
67.00 LBS
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Nu-Stair™ is a combination of high strength, non-shrink, and permanent concrete repair compound. It is characterized by extremely fast set, which permits the use of repaired surfaces immediately after application, thus avoiding "out of service" areas for prolonged periods. Repairs worn or damaged concrete steps, curbs, highway expansion joints, swimming pool repair, concrete floor repair, anchor bolts and posts, and concrete pipe repair.

  • Helps eliminate trip and fall hazards
  • No special formwork needed 
  • Achieves full strength in one hour
  • Excellent freeze-thaw resistance
  • Provides long lasting repairs
Item # 10702
Coverage 20 - 25 SF at 1/4" per unit.
Cure Schedule @ 70F: Initial set: 3-5 minutes. Final set: 12 hours.
Application FLAT TROWEL
Weight per unit 67.00 LBS
Packaging Pre-measured 5 gal kit for easy application; Components Include: 1 gal Part A (resin), 50 lbs Part B (powder) - volume and weight approximate.
Typical Uses
  • Worn or damaged concrete steps and curbs
  • Highway expansion joints
  • Swimming pool repair
  • Concrete floor repair
  • Concrete pipe repair
  • Anchor bolts and posts