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Epoxy Filler/Resurfacer

Impact/Chemical Resistant

  • Anti-slip, even when wet
  • Bonds to concrete, wood, steel & more
  • Resists thermal shock, abrasion & acid
  • Cures overnight
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56.00 LBS

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Treflite™ Features & Benefits

See Treflite™ in action!

Click the video to see Treflite™ fill deep voids.

See Treflite™ in action!

Click the video to see Treflite™ resurface an aircraft hanger floor.

Anti-slip, even when wet

Treflite™'s improved traction helps prevent costly slip and fall accidents.

Bonds to concrete, wood, steel & more

Exceptional strength - Treflite™ cures to 5x stronger than concrete. Bonds to concrete, wood, steel aluminum, glass and ceramics.

Resists thermal shock, abrasion & acid

Treflite™ repairs are virtually indestructible. Built to take abuse of falling 55 gallon drums, acids, chemicals and solvents.

Cures overnight

Treflite™ puts repairs back into productive use overnight.

Treflite™ Product Information

Weight per unit

56 LBS


40 SF at ⅛”; 20 SF @ 1/4”

Cure Schedule

@ 70F: Light traffic: 7-9 hours

Dry Film Thickness

128 mils

Application Method



Pre-measured components in a 5 gal kit for easy application. Components include: 1 gal Part A (resin), 1 qt. Part B (hardener), 40 lbs Part C (aggregate) - volumes and weight approximate.

Product Data

Download Data Sheet

Typical Uses

Dairies, Breweries, Factories, Commercial kitchens, Meat packing and other food processing plants, Chemical and metal plating plants, Ship decks, Anywhere surface defects need to be repaired prior to installing a floor coating

Primers / Top Coats

Garon Prime , Hi-Gloss



Treflite™ Common Questions (FAQ)

Do you have to use all of the sand provided in the pail of Treflite™? We wan't a looser mix for our repairs, will it still set up?

You can withhold as much as much aggregate as you would like in all of our epoxy mortars if you require or prefer a losser mix. The part C sand has no effect on set time. Part A resin and Part B hardener could be mixed without any sand.

How long do I have to wait for Treflite™ to cure before we can drive over it with heavy loads containing 10,000 lbs.?

You can open up the area to heavy traffic within 18-24 hours at 70 F.

How thin can we apply Treflite™ to resurface a whole area? We have some major patch work to do at several inches thick, but we also would like to resurface the rest of the floor with minor rough areas to level.

Treflite™ can be applied at a minimum thickness of 1/8” thick. You can certainly use It to build up as thick as you need to for the larger voids first, then resurface the whole floor at an 1/8” thick for a uniform finish. Treflite can also be top coated with any of our epoxy/novalac/urethane coatings if you require a smoother and more impervious surface or just overall improved aesthetics.

Can I use Treflite™ to patch various areas that have high chemical spillage?

Yes, you can use Treflite™, then we suggest top coating the Treflite™ with Nutracid™ (novalac epoxy) to add a more impervious and chemical resistance surface.

Rave Reviews From Sysco, Nascar, Tyson Foods and Many Others!

palm springs school

"Your floor specialist was friendly, professional, and we got all the info we needed fast. Thanks!"

~Scotty, Palm Springs Unified School District

"Your floor specialist was very knowledgeable with regard to your products and applications"

~NFM International

"Service was greate. Looking forward to continue buying more products from Garon."

~Brenda, Hyatt Regency

"We were able to patch holes in the threshold of the doorways to our freezers and coolers without shutting down to warm up the areas."

~Richard, Cargill Meat Solutions

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