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Applying Coatings to a Warehouse Floor Keeps Facility Running Smoothly

What’s happening in the video A 100% solids water-based epoxy floor coating [Garon’s Tigerskin™] being applied to a warehouse concrete floor with a flat rubber squeegee followed by a 3/8″ hair nap roller.

Tigerskin™ was specified to create an impervious floor surface and to keep the dust down while at the same time was specified for it’s excellent coverage rate keeping the overall floor coating project cost effective.

Frequently asked questions about floor coatings for a warehouse…

What is the best type of floor coating to apply to a warehouse floor? We have heavy traffic and recoat the floor quite often.

I had the pleasure of touring a facility recently that used a nano technology epoxy floor coating for the aisles of a large food distribution facility. The floor traffic consisted of heavy product loads and frequent traffic throughout the facility, both inbound and outbound shipping throughout.

The facility manager applied Nano Rock™ resin floor coating to his aisles only, leaving the portions of concrete floor beneath the pallet racks uncoated.

Typically this facility is shutdown every two years to replace the concrete floor coating with a new one. The Nano Rock™ epoxy resin coating was applied only six months ago and already was demonstrating vastly superior wear and abrasion resistance.

According to estimates after this short time, the floor coating is expected to last five years or beyond. Such is the newest technology to emerge in the field of new generation epoxy floor coatings.

The product that was used achieved a new level of environmental safety. The warehouse facility floor coating system is 100% solids without solvent. And, this is in addition to the superior abrasion resistance.

Since warehouse and storage areas are relatively benign in terms of exposure to hostile agents that attack concrete, they are usually an afterthought in many commercial warehouse and industrial storage facility floors.

Protecting the traffic aisles and shipping and receiving areas with floor coating systems such as Nano Rock™ resins will not only eliminate concrete dusting but also protect against oil and grease spillage from mechanical operations.

The return on investment for concrete floor protection is considerable in many regards. Concrete dust produced from heavy equipment impact on the floor surface is a health hazard.

Warehouse workers appreciate your concerns about their personal safety. Additionally, the facility floor appearance is quite pleasing to look at and is a warehouse showcase for customer visits.

Time and again it has been demonstrated that a well maintained facility floor improves morale for employees and visitors alike.

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