Rubberized Asphalt Membrane

Waterproof, Below Grade

Weight per unit
2,268.00 LBS
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BLACKSNAKE-WP™ is a brush and roll grade blend of polymer and emulsified asphalts that provide a tough, monolithic, rubberized waterproof membrane on steel, cementitious, modified bitumen and other substrates.

  • Allows contraction and expansion over a broad temperature range
  • Maintains waterproofing properties under continuous exposure to water
  • Bridges hairline cracks
  • Forms a seamless, flexible rubber membrane impervious to moisture
Item # 88002
Coverage 80 SF per gal at 20 mils wet
Cure Schedule Dry to touch: 2-4 hours. Full cure: 24-48 hours
Dry Film Thickness 5-11 mils per coat
Application Brush or roller applied
Weight per unit 2,268.00 LBS
Packaging Each five-gallon pail contains a single component. Pallet contains 48 5-gal pails.