This NYC restaurant kitchen floor is over 100 years old and is on a second floor of a century old building. There was layer upon layer of old wood built up over the years yet the floor was structurally sound thus did not need a replacement.

New plywood was laid over the old floor and because this floor is suspended, a unique technique had to be employed in order for a floor coating to be applied to the plywood.

Watch what happens in this unique floor coverings video. An epoxy floor coating is applied over plywood – ordinarily seen applied over concrete commercial kitchen floors. A watertight floor coating was specified to prevent water during daily hot wash downs from seeping into the level below.

The final floor coating results are amazing!

See the products used for this restaurant kitchen floor coating application:

The Problem:
Restaurant kitchen floor over a century old!
The Complexity:
The kitchen floor is suspended and the coating needs to allow movement.
The Solution:
Application of wire lath so the floor coating can bond to plywood while allowing movement.
The Result:
A seamless, leak-proof floor coating and resurfacer that is anti-slip and easy to clean.