The owners of this glass manufacturing facility needed a floor that could withstand heavy machinery and forklift traffic. The current floor had cracks and uneven surfaces due to the production process and heavy transport of cargo.

They needed a durable floor coating that could withstand the impact and dragging of heavy industrial machinery and one that would not mar or scratch. Aesthetic appeal was very important to the facility owners as the production room often received visitors.

Having a clean and decorative floor also contributed to employee moral.

See the products used for this decorative concrete floor resurfacer being applied during production operations – side by side for an odorless and seamless floor coating solution.

peeling concrete floor coating The Problem:
Peeling old floor coating couldn’t withstand heavy forklift traffic.
The Complexity:
Production needed to be kept up and running during floor coating installation.
The Solution:
A seamless, decorative epoxy coating – with no odor so production could continue during installation.
The Result:
The customer’s choice of blue/gray aggregates gave this floor a functional face lift. Heavy forklifts were able to operate without breaking the glass cargo.