Decorative Epoxy Floor Resurfacer

Heavy Impact Resistance, Anti-Slip

Weight per unit
56.00 LBS
Selected Color is
Black Tweed
Buff Tweed
Buff/Red Tweed
Gray Tweed
Tan Tweed
Gray/White Tweed
Gray/Blue Tweed
Buff/Gray Tweed
Blue/Buff Tweed
Green/Blue Tweed
Blue/Gray Tweed
Buff/Blue Tweed
Gray/Red Tweed
White/Gray Tweed
Red Tweed
Orange/Black Tweed
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Green/Black Tweed
Buff/Black Tweed
Light Gray
Tile Red
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Decorpoxy™ is a 100% solids three component epoxy system consisting of a compound resin (Can A), a catalyst or hardener (Can B) and an aggregate compound. Decorpoxy™ is characterized by a fast curing time and will bond to concrete, wood, steel, aluminum, glass and ceramics. The interaction of these components produces a durable flooring surface, which is ideally suited to industrial and institutional requirements.

  • Provides a decorative epoxy surface
  • Bonds to concrete, wood, steel & more
  • Impervious to dirt and bacteria 
  • Non skid mortar with abrasion resistance
  • 3x stronger than concrete
Item # 153814
Coverage 20 SF at 1/4" per 5 gallon kit
Cure Schedule @ 70F: light traffic, 4-6 hours
Dry Film Thickness 250 mils
Application FLAT TROWEL
Top Coat HI-GLOSS™
Weight per unit 56.00 LBS
Packaging Premeasured 5 gal kit for easy application; Components Include: 1 gal Part A (resin), 1 qt Part B (hardener), 40 lbs PArt C (aggregate) - volumes and weight approximate.
Typical Uses
  • Food processing and manufacturing facilities
  • Food handling areas
  • Washrooms and wet floor areas
  • Ramps and loading docks
  • Traffic aisles
  • Locker rooms
  • Animal holding areas
  • Restaurant kitchens
  • Bar and dining areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Wherever safety
  • dura