This firehouse floor coating installation in a Ready Room was complete in 48 hours giving the firehouse a non-skid floor surface and the firefighters peace of mind for sure footing during fire alarms.

But, before the floor coating application could begin, the old VCT tile had to be removed first. The mastic glue left behind was ground down with a grinder. Cracks and spalls in the floor were repaired as well.

Because of the nature of fire alarms occuring without warning, the volunteer firemen need to be assured that the floor surface is anti-slip as they run to and from to get ready to load the fire trucks.

See the products used for this firehouse floor coating installation.

Here’s how they fixed their concrete floor problem:

The Problem – Slick and Old Floor Surface:
Required an enhanced traction surface that is also easy to clean.
The Complexity:
Remove glue mastic remaining from torn up old VCT tile.
The Solution:
Replace the old VCT tile with a traction-enhanced, epoxy floor coating.
The Result:
A seamless floor coating system that provides sure footing and an easy to clean surface.