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Firehouse Floor Coating Installation in a Ready Room

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What’s happening in this video…
this firehouse needed a safe, non-slip firehouse floor coating for their Ready Room. The firehouse Ready Room underwent a major concrete repair which included floor repairing.

“In mid stream of the floor coating installation we asked to convert our chosen gray floor coating color to a blue floor coating because blue is more in line with our company colors. Garon did so without a hiccup and finished the job on time. We are all very pleased”. 

~ Evan Devries, 1st Asst. Chauffer

Once the floor coating installation in the Ready Room is complete, the fire house flooring in the engine bay area will also receive concrete floor repair and concrete resurfacing.

Frequently asked questions about coating firehouse floors…

Firehouse Coating- FAQ #4

What types of challenges are encountered when applying a floor coating to a firehouse floor?

Providing the volunteer firefighters a fire station flooring system with enhanced foot traction in their Ready Room (changing room for the fire fighters) while making sure it is also a floor resurfacing system that is easy to clean.

The fire house floor installation crew had to work in concert with this busy fire house being on call to clear an area during a fire alarm. Installing a floor coating in a firehouse involves complexities due to not being able to fully shutdown for an extended period of time.

Floor coating applications often involves multiple coats and needs time to cure.

Installing a double broadcast non-skid epoxy flooring system in the firehouse’s Ready Room put more pressure on the installation crew as they knew the floor install could not skip a beat leaving zero tolerance for error during this 5-step installation process.

So time was of the essence in keeping to the flooring installation schedule and delivery of the fire house’s Ready Room in putting the fire fighters back into their routine schedule as soon as possible.

What to do with that old VCT tile residue before applying a floor coating?

Before the application of the commercial epoxy flooring, the old VCT tile firehouse flooring had to be removed in order to make sure that the new epoxy coating would bond to the concrete floor.

During the surface preparation phase, the mastic glue from the old VCT tile was removed with a hand grinder. As with any fire station floor installation, surface prepartion is key to getting a long lasting and durable floor coating system.

Firehouse floor epoxy coating installation

A 100% solids epoxy double broadcast with a light broadcast of aluminum oxide for special traction. An aliphatic urethane final top coat was installed for added chemical, abrasion and UV resistance yielding an ADA and OSHA compliant industrial flooring system.

The Result – a seamless, non-skid, epoxy floor coating

Most importantly the firehouse had their floor delivered back to them ahead of schedule. Recently they had purchased new rack systems that matched the blue color of the newly installed commercial flooring system.

Upon their arrival, the floor was completed and ready for rack and shelf installation which will house all the gear and equipment used to fight fires and save lives. This firehouse flooring installation will provide sure footing and aesthetic appeal for years to come.

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