This meat processing facility floor had an old epoxy floor coating that was delaminating. It just couldn’t hold up to the environmental conditions of freezing room temperatures and daily hot water (over 200 degrees) wash-downs. There were several areas of concrete floor damage.

See how this meat processing facility floor gets the ultimate in protection – especially for food safety in preventing the opportunity for growth of harmful bacteria.

See the products used in this meat processing room -applied in freezing conditions.

The Problem:
Old, peeling floor coating couldn’t withstand adverse cold environment with hot water wash downs.
The Complexity:
The concrete floor slab had to be brought to room temperature in some concrete repair sections before application.
The Solution:
A seamless, urethane cement mortar able to resist thermal shock caused by hot water wash downs in cold temperatures.
The Result:
Meat processing facility floor protected against bacteria growth and thermal shock.