Unprotected bakery floors see some of the most severe floor damage. That’s because flour, sugar, hot water, and heat erode bare concrete floors as quickly as a chemical/acid attack.

The owners of this baking facility had concrete floor damage underneath the oven line from high heat and hot steam during the production process. Since the oven line was already in place, it was too heavy to move…but…watch what happens in this video. Amazing to see the concrete floor resurfacer being applied in these conditions.

Because of the extreme temperature fluctuations, the newly applied floor resurfacer had to be able to withstand thermal shock and keep the employees on their feet at the same time. What is the perfect floor coating for this application? Click below to find out.

See the products used difficult floor coating installation under the oven…applied with only 18 inches of clearance!

The Problem:
An unprotected concrete floor damaged down to the aggregate by exposure to flour and hot water.
The Complexity:
The Oven could not be raised more than 18 inches off the ground leaving the installers to lie down on the job!
The Solution:
a urethane mortar resurfacer sealed up the floor and will prevent future erosion.
The Result:
A smooth, easy to clean floor that looks great and can withstand the harsh product environment.

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