A fast track floor coating installation specified for one of the largest and highest technological laboratories in the world.

The Problem:

A prior floor coating failed to adhere to the floor and was peeling off the slab, leaving the exposed concrete substrate Complete a 10-day floor coating installation in half the time. A preliminary asessment of the floor’s profile had to be completed along with an investigation into the concrete slabs environment (physical and natural occurances) in order to create a customized floor coating specification.

The Complexity:

The floor coating system originally specified by the architect called for a 25 mil thick 4-coat floor coating system. This 4-coat system would turn a 5-day coating project into a 10+ day floor coating project. The facility owners did not have this time.

The Solution:

Garon specified a 55 mil thick, 2-coat floor coating system. This system utilizes a 100% solids nano-enhanced epoxy technology. This nano particle-based epoxy coating system penetrates the slab’s capillaries far deeper than regual epoxy coatings, thus providing tenacious adhesion properties for a longer floor coating life expectancy.

The Results:

The move-in time fram of the facility owners was met. The labatory floor is compliant to FDA, USDA, OSHA and ADA all within a two-step coating process.

The Products:

  • Nano-Rock™ – Nano-particle based self priming coating at 50 mils nominal thickness.
  • Garon’s Hi-Gloss™ Hi-Solids – Alaphatic urethane infused with aluminum oxide 220 mesh aggregate for enhanced traction, ADA compliance, and an easy to clean surface. Applied at 5 mils thick.