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Eroded Concrete Winery Flooring Gets A Urethane Mortar Finish

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What’s happening in this video…This wine production room concrete floor was showing the end of its lifecycle and exhibiting degradation and erosion of the concrete.

This winery shuts down only once a year for upgrades and only had a 48 hour facility shutdown window which left little room for error.

Frequently asked questions about floor coating options for winerys…

Urethane industrial flooring – FAQ #2

A urethane cement mortar [Garon’s Mortarthane™ HF] was specified by Garon because of its ability to withstand the radical temperature changes during sterilization, sanitation and cleaning processes, which uses 140 degree F power blasting on a daily basis on this winery flooring.

Additionally, urethane mortar’s self-priming feature saves application time which was critical to meeting the facilities operational time frame.

A self leveling, fast curing cement based underlayment and deep void filler [Garon’s Flat-Rock UND] was used on the winery flooring in areas exhibiting exposed aggregate, a sign of serious concrete floor degradation.

Adjacent wine production departments were able to continue to produce wine and generate revenue during the concrete floor resurfacing installation as all products specified by Garon and used on the job are 100% VOC free and non food tainting.

This was very important to the winery owners. These non-tainting food flooring materials are odorless and inert and are used directly in the vicinity of food stuffs (in this case wine) on any floor in any food manufacturing facility or beverage facility.

These seamless industrial flooring solutions can also incorporate a decorative quartz flooring system layered in the cementitious urethane mortar.  Paint flake flooring however is used in epoxy floor coatings which is not suitable for a food production environment.

Epoxy industrial flooring, whether decorative or not, does have its place however. These types of floor coatings are great for storage areas, shipping and receiving areas, walkways and showroom floors.

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