Epoxy Crack Filler

High Strength, Pourable

Weight per unit
16.00 LBS
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Anti-Slip, even when wet

  • Fills all concrete floor cracks 
  • Fast installation 
  • Forms a tenacious bond 
  • Chemical resistant
Item # 70719
Coverage 202 cu. in. per unit
Cure Schedule @ 70F: Light Traffic: 16-24 hours.
Application Pourable
Weight per unit 16.00 LBS
Packaging Pre-measured components in a 1.5 gal kit for easy application. Components include: 1 gal Part A (resin), 1/2 gal Part B (hardener) - volumes approximate.
Typical Uses
  • Horizontal cracks in high traffic areas
  • Warehouse and industrial floors
  • Production areas
  • Aisle ways and storage areas