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How To Tell If You Have A Hidden Concrete Floor Moisture Problem

What’s happening in this video… This oyster farming company’s freezer floor and food processing room was operating with a bare concrete floor. Because of the constant wash downs and production process, the concrete floor was deteriorating rapidly. This floor resurfacing installation took place during normal production hours. The facility could not be shut down.

While the oyster catch team offloaded their daily catch for processing and shelling, the installation crew was busy prepping the concrete surface and applying the floor coating.

Throughout this flooring project I gained new insights into the ways resinous flooring installers, manufacturers and building owners unite to create a successful floor coating project. I am very pleased with the outcome and would do the same thing again on the next project”. 

~ Al Supressent, Owner

Frequently asked questions about constantly wet concrete floors

Our concrete floor is coated at the present time but there are many areas where the coating bubbles and does not stick to the concrete flooring surface.

One flooring area is constantly wet and nothing sticks at all. The concrete flooring must be fixed. Is there a product that will solve this problem? What do we do?

Well you have two issues. The area that’s wet…is it wet because of your environment and you’re using a lot of water or does it just seem damp from the dampness transferring up through the floor?

If you’re in a very wet environment and you have a very thin floor coating system as a moisture barrier, maybe it wasn’t an appropriate flooring system for that environment.

If you do have a known vapor transmission problem, the best way how to determine moisture content of concrete is to verfity through a concrete slab moisture test – a calcium chloride test or even a relative humidity test which are more popular these days, then you can actually quantify the amount of moisture you have to deal with.

Moisture tolerant floor coating systems

Then at that point in time, depending on the readings, you can move into systems that are much more tolerant to moisture. Cementitious urethane’s, for instance, can take vapor transmissions up to twelve (12) pounds.

Typical epoxy systems can only manage about three (3) pounds. These are industry standard number guidelines.

Again, you have to do a little homework; you have to figure out how much moisture on the concrete floors you do have. Possibly, you don’t have a moisture problem. There is a difference between concrete curing problems and sweating concrete floors.

With any system, you have bubbling, you have peeling. It could totally just be an issue of lack of preparation of the floor. Part of your homework is to research how to sand concrete floors.

You could have a really high quality product, but if the concrete floor was not prepared correctly so that the product can attach and adhere well, you shot yourself right in the foot for flooring problems.

So you definitely don’t jump into those situations. Take your time and do your homework and then you make an appropriate decision.

Another great reason for contacting a quality manufacturer – have them come out or have them send a key installer to do a site survey to uncover the condition of your floor surface. The installer will then confer with the manufacturer. This is a great way to go and is your best bet at solving your moisture issue.

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