Oil Penetrating Primer

Oil-Soaked Floors

Weight per unit
22.00 LBS
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  • Penetrates oils & greases 
  • "Locks in" grease-coated floor areas
  • Eliminates expensive removal of concrete
  • Helps prevent further disintegration
Item # 25850
Coverage 250 sq. ft. per gallon at 8 mils
Cure Schedule @ 70F: 4 - 8 hrs. tack-free, 16 hrs. light traffic
Application 3/8” Hair Nap Roller
Weight per unit 22.00 LBS
Packaging Premeasured 2 gal kit for easy application. Components Include: 1 gal Part A (resin), 1 gal Part B (hardener) - volumes approximate.
Typical Uses
  • Petroleum or oil soaked concrete
  • Brick or masonry surfaces such as floors
  • driveways
  • and garages (Not recommended for surfaces contaminated with vegetable oil
  • animal fat
  • or synthetic oil)