High Strength, Rapid Set Anchoring Cement

Interior Use Only

Weight per unit
53.00 LBS
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Garonite™ is a specially formulated, finely ground hydraulic cement. In normal use, it expands while setting and will not loosen, shrink or crack under stress, vibration, heat or cold and will cure to strengths far exceeding those of regular concrete. Recommended for heavy traffic areas where wear resistance is necessary.

  • Sets rock-hard in minutes
  • Saves installation time
  • Helps reduce vandalism
Item # 10402
Coverage 1/2 cubic or .5 cubic foot per 5gal pail
Cure Schedule @ 70F: 20 minutes
Application Pourable
Weight per unit 53.00 LBS
Packaging Single component (50 lbs powder) in a 5 gal pail for easy application.
Typical Uses
  • bolts
  • fence posts
  • handrails
  • seat partitions
  • screws
  • dowels
  • posts
  • poles
  • door bucks
  • door checks
  • stone facias
  • loose tiles
  • electrical boxes
  • machinery anchor bolts
  • posts in walls or sleeves