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Sample Industrial Coatings Before Full Installation

What’s happening in this video… A small concrete floor coating test sample of 30 sq. ft. of a ¼” overlay of Garon’s urethane cement [Mortarthane™ HF with a topcoat] on a meat processing plant floor helped avert any discrepancies down the road during the full scale installation.

Frequently asked questions about testing with a floor coatings sample…

Secrets of the pros – From start to finish you will see how a test sample of a concrete flooring system specified for your project can lead you down the road to success.

Testing is a critical step when aiming for the bulls eye of a successful larger scale installation. This is a perfect opportunity for facility engineers and building owners to get involved.

Input on their own needs such as traction, smoothness, texture or ease of cleaning happens in real time as the flooring test is being installed and can help in customizing the system directly toward their needs.

A great investment where owner and installer work out the kinks beforehand (remember, all floor coatings are crafted by hand, they are not coming off an assembly line) hence a final floor coating installation that hits the owner’s needs head on before the bigger flooring project commences.

As this test installation was being applied, the owner asked the installer to make it more aggressive with enhanced traction. The installer complied with adding a special blend of aluminum oxide aggregate to give the owner just what he wanted.

The bonus the owner gets after the flooring test installation is complete is “testing” wherein the owner can subject the concrete flooring test material to the actual service that will be applied to it day in and day out – a “must do” for those that invest dollars into a capital asset.

Bottom line for the owner: Verify; verify; verify and then pull the trigger when it’s just right. Now the owner and the installer are on the same page before dollars are spent.

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