Vertical Concrete Repair Mortar

Fast-Set, Non Sag

Weight per unit
56.00 LBS
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Tigercrete™ is a reliable high strength patching mortar with both fast-set and nonshrink properties. Whenever Tigercrete™ is used, fast and Typical Technical Data for Tigercrete™ (Product and curing conditions at 73°F and 50% R.H.) Storage Conditions efficient concrete repairs can be accomplished as a matter of routine procedure rather than a series of special projects. Tigercrete™ has been approved for use by Federal, State, County and Municipal governments as well as Port Authorities, Highways and Airports.

  • No form work required 
  • Easy, fast-set repairs
  • High strength
Item # 10202
Coverage 40 sq ft. at 1/8" per 5 gallons.
Cure Schedule Initial Set: 15 - 20 minutes. Final Set: 35 - 40 minutes.
Application FLAT TROWEL
Weight per unit 56.00 LBS
Packaging Single component 5 gal pail for easy application; Components Include: 50 lbs powder.
Typical Uses
  • Pre-cast
  • pre-stressed concrete
  • Reservoirs and dams
  • Concrete pilings
  • Docks and seawalls
  • Base plates
  • Disintegrating utility installations
  • Water treatment plants
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Highways
  • bridges
  • and tunnels
  • Concrete floors and walls
  • Co