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Zinc Rich Steel Rust Inhibitor Coating

Rusted steel and prevention coating

  • Excellent wetting out and adhesion to sound rusty steel
  • Moisture cured polyurethane zinc rich primer can be applied to dry abrasive blasted or power tool cleaned steel
  • Excellent adhesion over sound tightly adherent rusty steel surfaces
  • Provides galvanic protection to carbon steel surfaces and is resistant to "creeping" "undercutting" and "blistering
  • Superior to epoxy primers
  • Can be top coated with epoxies and urethanes
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18.00 LBS

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Rusted Steel Primer Product Information

Weight per unit

18 LBS


300 sq. ft. per kit

Cure Schedule

4 hours @70°F, Light traffic: hours.

Dry Film Thickness

3 mils

Application Method

1/4" Roller


Premeasured 1-GL kit for easy application; Components Include: ) - volumes and weight approximate.

Product Data

Download Data Sheet

Typical Uses

Chemical plants, refineries, pulp and paper mills, power plants, waste and water treatment plants, electric generating stations, fertilizer plants, food processing, tank exteriors, structural steel, offshore platforms, pipe lines, material handling equipment, bridges, pharmaceutical plants, ore processing operations, marine installations

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