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Air Nat’l Guard Applys an Aircraft Hangar Floor Coating

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What’s happening in this video… This is a do-it-yourself aircraft hangar floor coating installation using airmen and the National Guard Unit stationed at the base. They easily applied the seamless epoxy floor coating in two coats using a squeegee and roller.

Frequently asked questions about coating aircraft hangar floors

The Do-It-Yourself Challenge

This 20,000 square foot aircraft maintenance hangar floor needed a facelift and had the cooperation of the airmen and the National Guard Unit stationed at the National Guard base ready to take on the application themselves with a do-it-yourself approach with on site manufacturer support.

In following the manufacturer’s concrete preparation and floor coating and concrete resurfacing application instructions, this National Guard Fighter Wing would be able to save the base thousands of needed dollars in labor and allocate these funds to other cost centers in need of funding.

Floor Coating Installation

This F-16 fighter jet maintenance hangar floor needed a protective floor coating system installation.

With a pitted concrete floor, never before coated, this National Guard’s Fighter Wing unit’s aircraft maintenance hangar needed industrial flooring protection before serious concrete deterioration took hold on the airplane hangar floor.

Concrete floor repair with joint reconstruction and small flooring defect patch and repair work was to be executed by the National Guard to save needed money for other base acquisitions.

The airman of this unit took on floor repairing and floor resurfacing using a protective high-build, epoxy floor coating system.

Floor coatings typically applied to aircraft hangar floors are epoxy floor coverings as opposed to urethane floor coverings. Epoxy floor coatings can also be enhanced with a nonslip floor coatings broadcast as well.

Focus on Floor Cleanliness and Easy Maintenance

The National Guard and Airmen of the 183rd took on the concrete repair and coatings job with enthusiasm and a “can do” mind set. The Guard wanted to make this F-16D engine repair hangar a state-of-the-art facility where other Guard units could model from.

They chose the color “white” to show the 183rd’s extreme focus on cleanliness. Having white color keeps the staff proud to show off a white floor that demonstrates their cutting edge determination in daily floor cleaning and the Guard’s ongoing pursuit of cleanliness.

The floor preparation equipment was rented from a nearby equipment tool rental company as specified by the manufacturer.

The National Guard airbase used diamond grinding equipment to prepare the floor for the specified epoxy concrete floor coating system.

Chemical Resistant Protection

The floor received a chemically resistant high build concrete floor epoxy coating with a chemical resistant CRU (chemical resistant urethane) topcoat finish coat giving the concrete floor a 30 mils thick high-build concrete floor coating.

The final finish coat specified by the manufacturer was specified for its excellent chemically resistant, impact and abrasion resistant characteristics.

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