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Bakery Freezer Floor Receives Frozen Concrete Floor Repair in 0°F

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What’s happening in this video…this bakery freezer floor was severely damaged in many areas throughout the 60,000 square foot freezer. The bakery freezer maintains a constant zero degree room temperature and could not be shut down to repair the badly damaged frozen concrete. There were eight badly damaged concrete floor areas in the bakery freezer floor that were repaired with a frozen concrete repair mortar. 

“We are very happy with the outcome and with Garon’s repair product. It’s an ongoing and ever continuing maintenance need to our capital asset due to the environmental conditions we operate in”. ~ Jim Magorrian, Director of Facilities

How do you perform a concrete floor repair in zero degrees?

The installation crew had to execute concrete surface preparation, frozen concrete surface patching followed by resurfacing of the badly damaged freezer floor areas all in a controlled zero degree environment.

The concrete repair areas exhibited the deleterious effects of what happens to concrete when moisture penetrates the concrete’s capillaries then expands, cracking the concrete as ice forms below the surface.

This bakery freezer floor was only five years old. It was a brand new concrete poured floor. But with the savage environmental attack of constant zero degree temperatures on these frozen concrete floor surfaces, it prematurely cracked.

The Solution – A Mortar Specially Formulated For Repairing Damaged Concrete In Freezing Conditions  

The correct flooring materials to accommodate this sub-freezing environment concrete floor repair project was specified by the manufacturer [Garon Products Inc] before the start of the flooring project.

The repair mortar specified was a self-priming, three-component, 100% solids epoxy mortar [Arctic Freezite™] specially formulated for applications in temperatures as low as -10°F.

The Result – Smooth Concrete Surface Traffic Areas

The project started at 8:00 am on Saturday and concluded at 5:00 pm the same day. On Monday morning the bakery freezer floor repair areas were open to heavy forklift traffic once again.

The employees now have much less discomfort while operating equipment and in the future these newly repaired concrete floor areas will help prevent workplace injury.

Employee morale was at a high when the bakery freezer floor was back in action on Monday morning.  It was smooth sailing on unobstructed passageways.

Loss of merchandise became a non-event as the new concrete floor patched areas leads to more efficient operations – and now with happier employees.

This concrete repair in the bakery freezer required the correct material specification by a time-tested manufacturer having the track record of success with complex resinous flooring installations.

Partnering and coordinating directly with the bakery facility owners and overseeing the concrete floor repair material specification and production enabled the resurfacing project to go smoothly and be back in service in nine hours.

The bakery owners saved themselves the potential of a concrete floor repair failure and dramatically increased the success rate of this successful freezer floor repair project.

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