The hotel kitchen flooring in one of Marriott International‘s commercial kitchen’s was in need of a floor repair. The concrete floor was previously coated but the existing coating couldn’t hold up to the hot power wash-downs and exposure to high heat in the busy kitchen.

To keep employees on their feet and the Marriott customers happy with fast service, the kitchen flooring was completely overhauled. Some unforeseen surprises popped up along the way.

The Problem:
Existing floor coating failed and water not draining from floor!
The Complexity:
A new floor pitch had to be created to drain water to the drain.
The Solution:
A newly created floor pitch coupled with a cementitious urethane resurfacer formulated for protection from high heat and hot water wash-downs.
The Result:
A seamless, protective hotel kitchen flooring system properly pitched to a drain to eliminate dirty standing water after wash-downs.