Pourable Concrete Pothole Filler

3x Stronger than Concrete in One Hour

Weight per unit
53.00 LBS
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Hy-Speed™ 500 is a new development in the field of fast-setting, high strength cements for resurfacing and patching concrete, bituminous, and brick surfaces. This select formulation of cementitious binders is specifically designed to provide properties not previously found in Portland cement concrete, metallic compounds or other proprietary concrete repair materials. HY- SPEED™ 500 cures to a strength exceeding 3 times that of concrete.

  • For repairs greater than 3 inches deep
  • Pourable instant concrete in a can
  • Traffic ready in one hour
  • Easy to use—just mix and pour 
Item # 10502
Coverage 5 sq ft @ 1”
Cure Schedule @ 70F: Initial set: 20 minutes. Final set: 1 hour
Application Pourable, self-leveling
Weight per unit 53.00 LBS
Packaging Single component (50 lbs powder) in a 5 gal pail for easy application.
Typical Uses
  • Loading docks
  • Shipping/Receiving platforms
  • Bridge decks
  • Warehouse
  • Traffic lanes
  • and any area that cannot be shut down for extended time