Recreational Surface Resurfacer


Weight per unit
61.00 LBS
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Light Green
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Grip Coat™ is a durable, efficient surface coating especially designed for allweather tennis courts and blacktop areas. Grip Coat™ has a 100% polyacrylate-epoxy resins, which provides the ultimate in protection and beauty for asphalt surfaces. Grip Coat™ comes ready-to-use for new or old courts. It is easily applied with brush or squeegee. Fast drying, it can be ready for use in 24 hours. A two-coat application is usually sufficient.

  • Improves traction on asphalt or concrete
  • Helps prevent surface glare
  • Resists abrasion & scuffing
  • Easy squeegee application
Item # 153702
Coverage 375 sq. ft. per unit (single coat) - two coat application recommended
Cure Schedule @ 70F: 2 hrs. to touch, 12-24 hrs. normal traffic
Application Flat Squeegee
Weight per unit 61.00 LBS
Packaging Single component in a 5 gallon pail for easy application.
Typical Uses
  • Exterior stop and go surface areas
  • Tennis and basketball courts
  • Playground and recreational areas
  • MED-EVAC areas and Heliport decks