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High Build Epoxy Floor Coating

Self Priming

  • 5x thicker than retail paint 
  • Easy to apply
  • Makes worn floors better than new again
  • Safe from cracking, dusting, chipping
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Garonguard™ Features & Benefits

5x thicker than retail paint 

Garonguard™ provides thick protection, 5 - 6x thicker than retail paint products.

Easy to apply

Garonguard™ is easy to apply with your own staff. Just mix, pour and apply by roller.

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No primer needed

No primer needed--a cost and labor savings.

Low odor 

Because of its low odor, Garonguard™ may be used in food production areas without shutting down.

Resists abrasion, water, acids

The ideal industrial epoxy coating. Resists abrasion, water, acids and solvents.

Safe from cracking, dusting, chipping 

Prevents further deteriation of concrete slabs.

Add Safety Boundary Marking

TIGERSTRIPE™ is ideal for directional guidance in aislways.

Garonguard™ Product Information

Weight per unit

18 LBS


200 sf. per kit at 12 mils. 400 sf at 6 mils.

Cure Schedule

@ 70F: Light traffic: 16-24 hours.

Dry Film Thickness

6 -12 mils

Application Method

1/4" hair nap roller


Premeasured components in a 1.5 gal kit for easy application. Components include: 1 gal Part A (resin), 1/2 gal Part B (hardener) - volumes approximate.

Product Data

Download Data Sheet

Typical Uses

Warehouse floors, Plant floors, Assembly lines, Production lines, Aisle ways, Storage areas, Disposal areas

Primers / Top Coats

Self Priming



Garonguard™ Common Questions (FAQ)

How thick is Garonguard™ compared to paint at the hardware store?

Garonguard™ is an epoxy composite designed for heavy industrial and comercial use. The thickness at 12 mils is 6-12 times thicker than ordinary latex, water-based and solvent based coatings. Usually, regular store bought coatings and paints range from 1 mil to 3 mils.

How many coats of Garonguard™ are required?

You can apply as many coats of Garonguard™ as needed depending on how porous the concrete slab is. Garonguard™ is designed as a self-priming one coat application. Usually 2 coats of Garonguard™ is the maximum needed in most applications.

Does Garonguard™ need to be top-coated?

Garonguard™ can be top coated but it is not required. For added chemical resistance you can top coat Garonguard™ with our Hi-Gloss™ or Hi-Gloss™ High solids.

Is Garonguard™ slippery?

Garonguard™ is not slippery in dry areas. It actually has more traction than an uncoated concrete slab. In wet areas, the addition of Garon Grit™ 240 can be added to Garonguard™ for added traction.


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"Your floor specialist was friendly, professional, and we got all the info we needed fast. Thanks!"

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"Service was greate. Looking forward to continue buying more products from Garon."

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"We were able to patch holes in the threshold of the doorways to our freezers and coolers without shutting down to warm up the areas."

~Richard, Cargill Meat Solutions

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