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Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating for Tech Lab

Read More Here About The Products Used In This Floor Coating Video:

What’s happening in this video… This high technology laboratory was operating with a bare concrete floor.

The owners of this facility needed a customized resinous flooring specification that would meet the regulatory and flooring compliance requirements: daily chemical attack, abrasion resistance, longevity of the floor coating system and the overall service employed in the laboratory.

Chemical Resistant Epoxy Floor Coating Specification

Over 5 days, installers applied a two-coat, 62.5 mil chemical resistant epoxy floor coating system to 20,000 sq. ft in the high technology laboratory.

The specified industrial floor coating system utilized the latest advancements in floor coating technology – a 100% solids epoxy coating [Garon’s Pour-N-Walk™] enabling the user to obtain extreme thickness in just one pass (compared to 4 or 5 passes) using a squeegee.

One Coat Garnering Extreme Thickness on Its Very First Pass

The “One Pass” coating system performs more like a concrete flooring resurfacer because of the thickness the user is able to apply on the first coat alone.

A fast track primer [Tigerprime™] is a applied first with a 3/8th inch hair-nap roller and penetrates into the concrete slab’s capillaries – this system outperforms all standard 100% solids industrial epoxy flooring systems because of saving in time and labor.

The epoxy resin floor coating system has tenacious adhesion properties and thickness yielding a longer floor coating life expectancy.

This “one-pass” technology eliminates having to apply multiple coats to the floor thereby saving a tremendous amount of time. This floor coating system was applied at 62.5 mils nominal thickness in one coat and finished off with a chemical resistant urethane urethane top coat [Garon’s Hi-Gloss™].

The top coat was applied at 3-4 mils thick and was specified and installed for its superior abrasion and chemical resistant properties.

An aluminum oxide aggregate was added for enhanced traction where needed. The entire floor is ADA compliant and has an easy to clean surface.

This one-pass thickness technology gave the owners a floor that is compliant to FDA, USDA, OSHA and ADA all within a two-step coating process providing the right aesthetics the owners expected.

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