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Review a Checklist Before Coating Your Industrial Floors


Read More Here About The Products Used In This Floor Coating Video:

What’s happening in this video… The floor in this church’s fellowship hall kitchen had old VCT tile which posed a slipping and falling hazard. It was old and food contaminants were embedded in the tile. 

The church needed an anti-slip seamless surface that was also easy to clean. The coating must be able to withstand hot and cold temperature extremes commonly found in commercial kitchen environments.

Small defects were patched and filled before coating the floor. This urethane cement system was easily applied by pouring out the coating and applying by roller. Decorative colored chips were added to provide aesthetic appeal and top coated to encapsulate the flakes.

“Flooring is holding up well and the texture is enhanced for sure footing of our staff working in the kitchen yet still easy to clean. Happy with results.” ~ A. Red Sevilla, Executive Director

Because the floor coating is odorless, the owners operation was able to stay active in adjacent areas. The commercial kitchen floor was back in service in 36 hours.

Frequently asked questions about industrial floor coatings…

Floor Coatings for floors in industrial environments – FAQ #1

Where do I get help to decide what I need to fix a big problem I’m having with the floors in our manufacturing facility?

If not often overlooked, industrial, commercial and institutional floors are often misunderstood. Like the perfect child who excels in every way and who suppresses problems until they manifest themselves, our frequent experience is no one pays attention until a problem exists and then everyone is all at once concerned.

For clarification, it’s important to know that this article does not address industrial rubber flooring or industrial floor tile (vinyl) or other similar commercial flooring but rather industrial floor covering and industrial floor systems that are resinous and seamless.

As a resinous flooring materials manufacturer, we see this scene played out quite often. The inquiries come to us as requests for industrial flooring solutions. It’s quite obvious that people whose responsibility it is to maintain facilities and keep them operational and safe, do not know where to begin.

Typical inquiries start with “what should I put on my floor?” Then, “what will it cost?”  “How much material will I need?” Usually followed by, “do I need a contractor?”, “Do I need an epoxy concrete surface coating?”, “do I really need a urethane resin, why not just use industrial concrete floor paint or an industrial epoxy paint?”

These are all legitimate questions and concerns. There are many, many more not recorded here. Ultimately, all the right questions must be asked by a knowledgeable flooring consultant who has experience with epoxy concrete surface coating.

Tests of the flooring surface must be conducted. Then, and only then, can a proper product suited to the environment be recommended. Measurements of the affected area are then taken and estimates of amount of detail work analyzed.

Resinous flooring material manufacturers who are accustomed to helping find industrial flooring solutions. The manufacturer must be totally involved and dedicated to your success.

An effective checklist can be requested from Garon Products or other industrial epoxy flooring materials manufacturers that will help you perform a self analysis that you can discuss with the professionals you must speak with to address your problems.

This is a somewhat exacting process that should precede a well planned floor resurfacing and coating project.

In the U.S., industrial epoxy coatings are tailored to meet specific conditions. Make sure you spend the time with a manufacturer to find what is right for you. They will help you select contractors and industrial flooring suppliers specializing in those types of floors.

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