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Specialty Deli Overhauls Old Commercial Kitchen Floor

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What’s happening in this video... An existing specialty deli is undergoing a complete renovation which involved removing old, corroded VCT tile and mastic glue from their commercial kitchen floor and replacing it with a seamless floor coating system.

“We are very pleased; very satisfied. Would do another floor with Garon and the same floor coating system. Our kitchen floor is easy to maintain and clean while keeping my customers and employees on their feet.” 

~ George Vatz, Owner

Frequently asked questions about floor coating systems for commercial kitchens

The challenges involved in this floor coating project were about the same as most food producers: they all have limited or no shutdown time. In combination with a strict timeline, old VCT tile and the mastic glue stuck to the concrete slab had to be removed from the entire kitchen floor before a commercial flooring system was installed.

Why is it important to remove the VCT tile glue from the concrete floor before coating?

Before the application of the floor coating system, the old VCT tile restaurant flooring had to be removed in order to make sure that the new restaurant flooring would bond to the concrete floor.

During the surface preparation phase, the mastic glue from the old VCT tile was removed with a hand grinder. As with any seamless flooring installation, surface preparation is key to getting a long lasting and durable floor coating system.

This existing food facility was undergoing a complete renovation and needed a fast curing floor coating system resistant to moisture in the slab from its close proximity to the ocean.

The opening of this specialty food producer’s facility was to be held in concert with the start of the summer season. A delay in any part of the floor resurfacing project would mean big losses for the owner.

A fast turnaround commercial flooring system was specified by the architect with the manufacturer’s assistance. It needed to meet environmental and time and budget constraints required by the owners.

The Result – a seamless, poured flooring system that is non-slip and easy to clean

The urethane cement flooring system was installed on time and within budget for the owner’s season opening. This commercial kitchen resurfacer was designed to withstand elevated levels of moisture which was preferred over a less expensive epoxy floor coating system.

That is why commercial floors such as this floor and most industrial floors perform better with a urethane floor coating application than those with commercial epoxy flooring systems.

The specified commercial flooring system used build-able coats of urethane cement broadcasts. The urethane cement flooring system had a fast paced application and was able to withstand temperature changes from oven heat.

Urethane cement coating systems can handle expansion and contraction of the slab due to summer and winter temperatures where traditional epoxy flooring systems eventually pop off.

The floor was delivered back to the owners on time. And since this floor resurfacing system was applied using multiple broadcasts of urethane cement (known as a “build-able system”) the owner can just slap a top coat of urethane cement on top as the system shows wear down the road.

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