Anti Slip Epoxy Floor Coating

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Weight per unit
34.00 LBS
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Tile red
Safety yellow
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Stop-Slip™ HD is a 98% solids heavy duty non-slip coating for applications in slippery or wet areas to prevent slips and falls from pedestrian and rolling equipment traffic. This product was developed for use in industrial environments and incorporates epoxy resins modified with Kevlar to provide toughness, excellent chemical resistance, wear, corrosion resistance and excellent slip resistance performance.

  • Provides enhanced traction--indoors and out
  • Stands up to heavy vehicular traffic
  • Rugged, non-skid surface
  • Resists a wide range of chemicals
Item # 20009
Coverage approximately 30 sq. ft. per gallon
Cure Schedule @ 70F: 72 hours full cure.
Dry Film Thickness 50-60 mils., COF 1.00 wet; 1.05 dry. ASTM F609
Application Phenolic Roller
Primer Tigerprime Recommended
Weight per unit 34.00 LBS
Packaging Premeasured 2 gal or 4 gal kit for easy application; Components Include: 2 of 1-gal Part A (resin), 2 of 1-qt Part B (hardener) - volumes approximate.
Typical Uses
  • Fuel and chemical handling areas
  • Transit platforms
  • Passenger loading areas
  • All types of manufacturing plants
  • Food processing and preparation facilities
  • Marine facilities
  • Stadiums
  • Walkways
  • Loading docks
  • Wherever protection against slip and fa