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Sugar Processing Plant Floor Receives Urethane Cement Protection

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What’s happening in this video… Coating this new sugar processing plant floor with a Garon specified floor coating to protect the concrete slab from hot sugar spillage as a by-product from the sugar production process had to be coated fast as the start of the sugar production season was looming in 30 days. 

“The floor was completed in a professional and quality manner throughout each phase of the project and met our organic certified syrup production needs well”

Crown Syrup’s sugarhouse is the main maple syrup production facility producing sap from 800 acres of century old red maple and sugar trees.

It was a brand new facility and the freshly poured concrete floor was ready for protection from the harsh environmental conditions that go along with sugar production.

Maple syrup, when heated becomes caramelized and can have the tendency to produce splash spill events that can wreak havoc on newly poured concrete floors or existing coated or uncoated concrete floors.

If not treated with the proper resinous flooring material, serious degradation problems of the concrete floor can occur instantly.

Crown Syrup’s architect and general contractor worked with Garon Products to specify the right coating to help protect their newly renovated food processing plant floor.  It is advised for food manufacturing facilities to always consult the floor coating manufacturer for the proper concrete floor coating for their specific food production needs.

The Start of the Sugar Producing Season Less Than 30 Days Away

Crown Maple’s 25,000 sq. ft. new production facility was built just two days before the floor coating installation.

The sugar processing facility owners needed a floor coating product that would also be applied quickly and dry quickly so that there wouldn’t be any delay in the start of the sugar production season.

A customized material specification was developed by Garon Products to meet the needs of the harsh environment the new floor was about to encounter.

Maple sap becomes maple syrup when boiled to 219 degrees Fahrenheit, or 7 degrees above the boiling point of water.  This process  creates extremely high heat – high heat was number one on the list of environmental conditions the floor coating had to withstand.

 Applying a cement urethane resurfacer is perfect for this floor refinishing project.

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