Zinc Rich Steel Rust Inhibitive Primer

For Rusted Steel & Rebar

18.00 LBS
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  • Rusted steel and prevention coating
  • Excellent wetting out and adhesion to sound rusty steel
  • Moisture cured polyurethane zinc rich primer can be applied to dry abrasive blasted or power tool cleaned steel
  • Excellent adhesion over sound tightly adherent rusty steel surfaces
  • Provides galvanic protection to carbon steel surfaces and is resistant to "creeping" "undercutting" and "blistering
  • Superior to epoxy primers
  • Can be top coated with epoxies and urethanes
Item # 29252
Coverage 300 sq. ft. per kit
Cure Schedule 4 hours @70°F, Light traffic
Application 3/8" Hair Nap Roller
Packaging Premeasured 1-GL kit for easy application. Components Include: 1 gal Part A (resin); Part B (Zinc Dust) - volumes and weight approximate.