Industrial manufacturing facility floors take a beating. There is no exception for this auto parts manufacturer. To say that the facility aisle-ways are busy is an understatement. The aisle ways have constant heavy forklift traffic in this 24/7 production and warehousing area.

The 45 year old concrete floor had multiple coats of peeling floor coating that just couldn’t hold up to the daily grind of forklift traffic and production environment. They needed to repair the cracks and damaged concrete floor areas as well.

In addition to the epoxy floor coating application, line striping was added to the aisleways to guide the forklifts carrying cargo. The entire floor coating installation took place during full production, and because of the quick-drying properties of the 100% epoxy coating, they weren’t out of service in any one area for long and their due dates were met.

See the products used for the epoxy floor coating and line striping application.

The Problem:
Old, peeling coating on all aislways.
The Complexity:
24/7 manufacturing facility – had to be back in service with minimal downtime.
The Solution:
Quick drying 100% epoxy floor coating and line striping.
The Result:
A durable, bright and clean look with line striping guidance.