This fish processing facility went from a slick and slippery production room floor to a smooth and seamless floor.

The fish processing room floor had constant standing water that created a major potential for slip and fall accidents. With fish processing, oil is the main by product. This falls on the floor which is slippery enough…add water to that mix and it’s an accident waiting to happen.

The floor wasn’t pitched properly to the floor drains so the water had nowhere to go. The fish processing facility owners wanted to resurface the entire floor but the pitch to the drain was the first issue to fix.

See the products used for creating a pitch to the floor drain.

The Problem – Poor Floor Drainage:
This fish processing facility floor had concrete floor drain problems. Standing water was left over from daily hot wash-downs and not able to flow towards the channel drain.
The Complexity – Create a Slanted Floor:
Create a new floor slanted towards the channel drain, preventing standing water.
The Solution: 
Slant the new pitch at 1/4 inch per linear foot instead of the standard 1/8 inch per linear foot.
new pitch The Result:
A seamless pitch to the channel drain at the proper angle – the “perfect pitch”.

See also the concrete floor resurfacing installation in the fish production room after pitching the floor to the drain was complete.