What’s happening in this video…This concrete floor repair and resurfacing project involved the application of a urethane cement resurfacer [Garon’s Mortarthane™ HF] to the entire production room floor.

But instead of applying an industrial gray or tile red color typically found in industrial facilities, this fish processing facility specified a blue custom color for their concrete floor repair project.

Like epoxy floor coatings, the color of urethane cement mortars can be tailored to meet the aesthetic needs of the facility.

So, what you get is not only the ultimate concrete floor protection, but a great looking floor that employees and customers alike can take pride in.

Frequently asked questions about repairing concrete floors…

We had a bad experience with epoxy concrete floor repair involving resurfacing that did not set up overnight. And we lost valuable production time the next day. Is urethane cement going to be ready to use the next day beneath my fish processing line?

With the advent of cement urethane technology introduction came the promise that the fast curing nature of this polymer would significantly reduce the down time for industrial plant production areas.

Not only industrial production areas but food processing facilities like commercial kitchens that cannot easily shut down, saw the tremendous advantages to the new urethane technology being applied for concrete floor repairs and resurfacing projects as well as concrete floor leveling and repair.

Recently, a case in point dramatizes some of the great advantages that account for the fast acceptance of cement urethane floor coating technology.

A fish processor customer cannot shut down his facility to install a new floor. Using the new technology, a plan was developed that called for the building owner to give full access of the floor to the contractor at 3 PM on Friday to prepare the floor. Production would resume early Monday morning.

Repairing and coating concrete floors without applying a primer means savings in time, material and labor

The specification called for a cement urethane polymer floor coating application. The product has the added advantage of requiring no primer for a quarter inch overlay, a savings in time, material and labor.

After the preparation phase, a urethane cement resurfacer was applied to all of the cove bases of the room. Saturday morning, the contractor shot blasted the floor and applied the cove base to the entire area.

After all the preparation was complete, the floor was installed and completely finished by Saturday night. Sunday was reserved for curing of the floor and in this instance the owner was able to resume production at 3 AM Monday morning on the new floor.

Most importantly, the facility resumed normal operations with little disruption to their fish processing.

Before urethane cement technology introduction, epoxy floor coatings were used in similar applications to the one mentioned here. They required multiple coat systems, sometimes up to five different coats in addition to a primer. A concrete floor sealer such as this does not provide the protection as a urethane cement product.

A typical epoxy installation could take five days to complete. It is easy to see why the cement urethane products are so popular.

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