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What’s happening in this video… The concrete floor damage in the production room consisted of cracks and uneven ridges which compromised the safe transportation of the most delicate cargo – glass.

A decorative concrete floor resurfacer is being applied to protect the floor. You will see the use of a screed box to lay out the epoxy coating in this extremely large floor area.

This manufacturer of glass products including doors, glass made from glass and ornamental glass needed to repair and resurface concrete floor areas that were badly damaged from years of abuse during standard production procedures.

Anthony International Headquarters had cracked and chipped concrete floors in their production facility that were exposed to very heavy traffic during a 24/7 manufacturing operation.

These cracks and uneven floor surface areas made the potential for breaking costly glass panes and materials during transport across the floor due to rattling and movement of forklift wheels and loading equipment running over the uneven surface.

Upgrading specific production room floors with a floor refinishing product while keeping production up and running during normal operations was the biggest challenge.

The concrete repair products must be able to be applied quickly and while employees work in surrounding areas.

Expansion joint and concrete slab preparation and floor repair needed to be completed before the epoxy flooring system installation.

Screed Box Application Helps Floor Coating Installation Speed Along

The glass manufacturer had a very large floor area to resurface.  And since the specified epoxy floor coating (resurfacer) had to be troweled down – not poured and rolled out as when applying a seamless, self leveling epoxy floor coating, a screed box was used in order to speed up the installation.

The screed box lays out the epoxy floor coating system in wide ribbons on the floor so that troweling the epoxy coating becomes easier and faster.

This screed box technique is often used to coat very large floor areas that must be troweled out before the coating cures.

A Decorative Concrete Floor Resurfacing Coating That Has NO ODOR

The 100% solids characteristic of this floor coating system means that there are no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which is very important, especially considering that the facility employees were in close proximity during floor coating installation.

The Results – Decorative AND Protective

The decorative “tweed” epoxy mortar color was a great choice for showcasing client-visit areas. It not only protects the concrete surface from heavy impact and abrasion, but the seamless decorative coating looks great too. The customer’s color choice of blue/gray aggregates gave this facility floor a functional face lift.

Working with a 100% VOC-free flooring system enabled installation to floor areas that were adjacent to client production areas.  Completion of the concrete floor coating installation met the timing requirements of client’s equipment arrival and installation.


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