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What’s happening in this video… This is a new restaurant undergoing a renovation in a new space they recently acquired.  They needed to make a great first impression on opening day. 

The sports bar area had an existing concrete floor (that was made to look like floor tiles) topped with an orange stained concrete floor paint. The stained coating was in decent condition, but it had a lot of dirt and grime embedded in many areas throughout the floor.

The restaurant owner needed a solution that would seal, protect, beautify and give traction enhancement and at the same time stay within budget.

Since the existing floor was already in good condition, the request of the floor coating manufacturer [Garon Products Inc] was to provide a specification for the correct surface preparation and coating to enhance the overall aesthetics and protection of the existing concrete floor at the least possible cost.  Ease of ongoing floor maintenance was also a requirement.

Based on this request, Garon recommended a clear high gloss epoxy flooring system to enhance the orange stained look of the concrete floor tile.  The specification called for an epoxy commercial flooring system followed by a top coat of a high gloss urethane coating.

Epoxy floor coating

The industrial floor coating system consisted of two coats. The first application was a high-build, self penetrating water-clear primer [Garon Guard™] applied at 12 mils thick.

The top coat used was a high gloss urethane coating [Hi-Gloss™] with the addition of glass beads for traction enhancement. The urethane top coat also provided abrasion resistance and UV Resistance.

The end result gave the restaurant not only an aesthetically pleasing floor, but also provided an impervious finish that would be easier to clean and prevent further grease and grime build up.

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Frequently asked questions about  floor coatings for industrial use…

What if I have a very limited budget and can’t afford a full scale contractor installation of epoxy floor coatings for my industrial warehouse floor?

Without information on your particular industrial concrete floor coatings requirements for your particular flooring environment, it is difficult to make a specific recommendation; however, there are some basics that will help you.

In these times of restricted budgets a facility manager or owner must be resourceful to meet the service demands requiring epoxy floor coating systems for a warehouse floor service area.

Assuming the warehouse area does not have operations other than traffic and the concrete slab is not contaminated, there are ways to minimize your costs. Garage floor epoxy solutions are available for warehouse use.

The industrial epoxy floor coatings manufacturer can and should provide knowledge and information about self help that will eliminate the cost of contractor labor. Your own crew can be taught to apply epoxy floor systems to your warehouse floor.

Coating for concrete floors can be applied with the right education and knowledge sharing you need. Epoxy floor coating installation is often routinely performed by in house labor so you can feel comfortable following others who are attempting to effect savings in this area wherever available.

Commercial high rise building owners, for example, employ the process of applying epoxy garage floor coverings as a routine maintenance process with their own in house maintenance staff.

Garage flooring or garage floor kits are easy to apply, especially in residential flooring situations where a floor coating contractor is not used.

After considerations for adequate floor preparation, you can elect to perform this task with your own labor and rent the required easy to use equipment for the job.

Often the supplier of the rental equipment will provide operation instructions to your crew. Applying epoxy concrete coatings can be done in quite an expedient manner.

After selecting the correct epoxy floor coating with the help of a manufacturer, you can apply just enough coating, perhaps in the 3-6 mil thick coating range (sometimes referred to as epoxy floor paint or concrete paint), and forgo the expensive coatings (epoxy coating systems and similar flooring coating systems as used in warehouse flooring) in the 25-50 mil coating thickness range.

You will accomplish two things: 1-you will keep the costs for material and labor at a minimum and 2- you will have eliminated dusting of the concrete slab.

The floor sealer you apply will not give you the service life of a higher mill thickness coating but you will have achieved your immediate goals.

The good news about this approach is that you can always overcoat the epoxy concrete floor coating with a one of the thicker epoxy paints (coatings) for concrete as an overcoat in the future when budget restrictions are not as severe.

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