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Hotel Kitchen Floor Coatings – From Peeling to Perfect

What’s happening in this video… This hotel commercial kitchen floor had a previous epoxy floor coating that totally failed causing slip and fall hazards from the uneven concrete floor surface and further concrete slab deterioration.

“We are very pleased with the results – a sure-footed floor for our staff that puts up with the daily abuses of a commercial kitchen. We look forward to recommending this kitchen floor coating to other Hilton hotel kitchens.” 

~ Hilton Facility Manager

Frequently asked questions about choosing floor coatings for hotel kitchens…

Choosing the right concrete floor coating – FAQ #9

What causes some commercial kitchen floor coatings to fail?

The Hilton Hotel’s commercial kitchen floor coatings applied in the past completely failed. It peeled off the floor exposing the concrete surface to more damage and deterioration and looked a mess. On top of that, the uneven concrete slab was a potential slip and fall accident waiting to happen.

The hotel did not want to have any further damage or disruptions in trying to repair this failed epoxy floor paint with another concrete sealer or to deal with the problems associated with using tile floors – deteriorated, broken or popped out joint setting mortar. Tile floors are also not considered anti-slip and are a breeding ground for bacteria in between the grout lines.

Hotel commercial kitchens rarely take a break

The kitchen had to stay partially open during the new floor resurfacing installation serving the three hotel restaurants which catered to over 1,000 hotel guests. They had a a narrow window of downtime to fix the hotel flooring.

This hotel kitchen floor coatings solution was applied during kitchen operations

A cement urethane mortar overlay was specified by the hotel based on the floor coating manufacturer’s recommendation and utilized all the way through the concrete floor coatings installation. It was without question the floor coating solution that Hilton was looking for: resistant to sudden temperature changes on the floor due to hot wash downs and exposure to hot grease and boiling water.

Bath-tubbing up the walls four inches with a urethane cement cove at the floor/wall joint created a locked in, sealed tight floor with zero starts or stops – something for which epoxy floor coatings are just not well suited.

The Result – Smooth hotel kitchen floor surface with anti-slip protection – perfect

The kitchen floor coatings and resurfacing installation provided an easy to clean, seamless floor surface that can handle the environmental exposure of high heat and hot wash downs…all while enabling sure footing with its anti-slip floor surface.

Daily wash downs take less time because of the bathtub installation and the kitchen flooring looks great too, boosting employee moral.

The Hilton hotel kitchen floor was back in service within 36 hours with zero disruption to the kitchen staff, wait staff and the guests of the hotel.

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