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Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Installation & Striping for Aisleways

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What’s happening in this video..This 106,000 square foot industrial facility required all aisleways to be coated and line striped within a 6-day time frame. Working with a 45 year old slab with multiple applications of epoxy flooring over the years resulted in peeling and delaminating of the coating.

“Garon’s recommended installation team selected for this project did a fine job installing the specified coating and it looks great. Thanks for your assistance during the installation. The flooring installation team selected by Garon was geographically positioned close to our facility and the project went very well, the coatings look good.” ~ Senior Engineer

The concrete floor preparation and subsequent concrete floor repair (filling of deep voids, cracks and joints) all had play in yielding a completed floor under the industrial epoxy floor coating and striping requirements of the facility owner.

Epoxy Flooring For Industrial Use

The benefits of an epoxy floor coating

Difficult logistics on this concrete floor coating installation required production to be left uninterrupted 24/7 and shipping and receiving lanes open throughout the entire floor coating installation.

All floor coating materials specified by Garon had to be 100% odor free and the surface preparation equipment could not yield any airborne particulate as the owner’s sophisticated high technology production equipment running throughout the flooring project had zero tolerance for any dust.

Garon’s full service flooring installation was selected by the facility as an insurance policy to ensure their concrete floor coating project was completed on schedule, with adequate installer manpower and within budget.

Garon worked with the owner to ensure proper controls on material specification and installation were installed for a successful outcome.

A 100% epoxy coating [GARON GUARD™] was applied followed by a second coat yielding a nominal thickness of 30 mils installed throughout the facility.

A 100% solids epoxy coating [TIGERSTRIPE™] was used for line striping throughout the aisleways to guide forklift traffic to shipping & receiving areas. , a hybrid urethane/epoxy expansion joint filler [JOINT GUARD™ and GARON POXYPASTE™] was used to fill and patch all small defects and cracks in the concrete slab prior to coating.

Facility production continues during floor coating installation

Garon’s Full Service Flooring was chosen as time was of the essence for job completion. Time schedules were met. The installer left shipping lanes open and sensitive high-tech equipment adjacent to every area of the job safe from airborne dust and particulate.

The owner maintained production output, and shipping and receiving lanes continued unimpeded throughout this concrete floor coating project.

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